This blog is another attempt to achieve with exposure on the web what can’t be achieved in the secrecy of family courts and the glaring abuse of power and process by Social Services and Police, in this case Brent Council.

Here are videos taken at the time of the snatch of the then 6-year old boy:

Later, the mother shows her injuries:

This snatch of a little boy, without any Court Orders took place on 23 September 2013.

As a result,

1. the mother and grandmother were charged with criminal charges of assaulting police officers while executing their duties:

  • the criminal hearing will take place on 25 July;
  • the mother had fled Lithuania and asked for asylum because the father has been abusing his son since he was a baby.

2. the father managed to locate his son:

  • he has been given financial support by the Local Authority;
  • he has more contact sessions than the mother;

3. the boy has reported that he had been vomiting

  • when the mother asked what he had been given to eat, he answered ‘the red banana’ of his father…

4. a ‘final hearing’ is scheduled for 17 June to decide on the ‘placement’ of the son:

  • the boy will not be allowed to voice his own opinion;
  • he has been reported NOT to smile any more;
  • he weighs as much as 4-year olds, while he is seven by now
  • the Local Authority wants to place the son with his father – “in the best interest of the child.”
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