It was supposed to be another version of a ‘final hearing’. One had occurred from 22 – 25 April and one was scheduled for 05 June. Today, [German Unity Day] saw father and mother in court, but also two McKenzie Friends. This was due to Belinda McKenzie having been present at the historic hearing on 23 May 2014 at which Mrs Justice Parker said that she was proud to follow Sir James Munby‘s ruling that family courts are open to press and public, if the family is happy with the absence of privacy and confidentiality.

However, only one other McKenzie Friend was admitted. I was not allowed because I am publishing this blog. Hence I found an internet cafe nearby to keep in touch. Thus I learned that the father – who is supposed to be given sole care of the son – asked “Why are you helping my son?” Wouldn’t every father be glad about anybody helping his son???

Well, if you saw the son’s list of operations and doctor visits due to abuse, you maybe would also realise that the father doesn’t want to do anything other than hurt his son. The day ended with ‘finalising’ the judgement which, really, was the result of the 4-day hearing in April. The Position Statement by Brent Council made it clear: it was the final day of the final hearing to deliver the judgement.

The good thing is that the judgement anticipates the mother’s appeal. And the other good thing is that the chronology of events that we compiled comprises AMPLE evidence of abuse!

Together with Belinda, the brave mother had visited the Deputy Team Manager of Brent Social Services and this should give us enough new evidence and more solid involvement with the case. The good news is also that the Consular Officer whom we had met last week attended the hearing. And thus we shall continue to give it our best shot. After all, this is a battle between good and EXTREME evil.