WHO PROTECTS this boy from his father’s ‘red banana’? Witness Statements and Chronology of Events by MzKenzie Friends


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As McKenzie Friends, we receive many kinds of cries for help. And the realisation that the victims are their own worst enemies is a very tough one to accept.

However, besides helping victims, there is also the opportunity to ‘fight the system’:

  • of Social Workers who are the ‘local contact’ or ‘case worker’ to do all the damage to both children and parents – to stick to their remit and fulfil their adoption targets;
  • of Police who are ‘only doing their job’ – also when they remove children only upon hearsay from Social Workers;
  • of lawyers who don’t operate in the interest of the children or their birth parents;
  • of court staff who conveniently lose papers or are simply incompetent;
  • of judges who are clearly biased towards a network of paedophiles that benefits from secret family courts and all the attempts to legitimise abhorrent crimes against humanity, families and children
  • of prison staff who are colluding as best as they can.

Since Audrone had been successful in the Supreme Court in Lithuania who said that the boy should stay with her family, she thought she could ‘fight the system’ here, too.

But she did not submit the documents we prepared for her:  Continue reading

WHY ARE YOU HELPING my son – abusive father asks Belinda acting as McKenzie Friend in semi-secret family court



It was supposed to be another version of a ‘final hearing’. One had occurred from 22 – 25 April and one was scheduled for 05 June. Today, [German Unity Day] saw father and mother in court, but also two McKenzie Friends. This was due to Belinda McKenzie having been present at the historic hearing on 23 May 2014 at which Mrs Justice Parker said that she was proud to follow Sir James Munby‘s ruling that family courts are open to press and public, if the family is happy with the absence of privacy and confidentiality.

However, only one other McKenzie Friend was admitted. I was not allowed because I am publishing this blog. Hence I found an internet cafe nearby to keep in touch. Thus I learned that the father – who is supposed to be given sole care of the son – asked “Why are you helping my son?” Wouldn’t every father be glad about anybody helping his son???

Well, if you saw the son’s list of operations and doctor visits due to abuse, you maybe would also realise that the father doesn’t want to do anything other than hurt his son. The day ended with ‘finalising’ the judgement which, really, was the result of the 4-day hearing in April. The Position Statement by Brent Council made it clear: it was the final day of the final hearing to deliver the judgement.

The good thing is that the judgement anticipates the mother’s appeal. And the other good thing is that the chronology of events that we compiled comprises AMPLE evidence of abuse!

Together with Belinda, the brave mother had visited the Deputy Team Manager of Brent Social Services and this should give us enough new evidence and more solid involvement with the case. The good news is also that the Consular Officer whom we had met last week attended the hearing. And thus we shall continue to give it our best shot. After all, this is a battle between good and EXTREME evil.

EVERY WEEK Christopher Booker criticises Social Workers and Family Courts but nothing changes…


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14 06 15 Mothers jailed“It’s a mystery why judges and social workers think they have the legal authority to act in such an inhuman way” is the subtitle of Christopher Booker‘s latest article The mothers jailed after waiving to their children in the street.

He describes regularly different degrees of cruelty and madness as attempts to cover up illegality with a mantle of legitimisation. As I said in Brussels, you can’t imagine that this is happening in a Western country. Hence you can’t believe it, until it happens to you. Just as in First they came…

Here, the contact between the Lithuanian grandfather and grandson is mentioned. For one of the routine violations of Article 8 (the right to family life) is to insist that families don’t speak in their native language. Continue reading

WHEN A LITHUANIAN CHILD’S VOICE isn’t heard in the UK, do videos have a chance?


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When paedophiles run the world, unbelievable things happen – especially between institutions internationally!

This video was uploaded on 20 January 2012 – in Lithuania – long before he was forcefully removed by Brent Police (UK) who arrested his mother and grandmother on the occasion.

The boy talks to Lithuanian Police about the heavy abuse he had experienced from his father. The Police believed the child.

In this video the boy asks his father why he injured his eyes:

Here’s how the mother tried to protect his son from his abuser – but McKenzie Friends are familiar with the pattern that “it’s in the child’s best interest to have residence with the abuser”:

  • Six times the mother reported abuse to the Lithuanian police. The father used psychotropic drugs and alcohol.
  • A report by Prof. B. Lask confirmed the abuse.
  • Photos of injured nails demonstrate physical abuse.

There are numerous Lithuanian court orders in the mother’s favour which will be listed asap.

  • Supreme Court – May 2013.

CHALLENGES for another non-UK family destroyed by a Local Council, Police and UK Courts


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It is very disheartening to hear stories from foreigners who end up being destroyed by un-understandable procedures by Social Services and secret family courts, after their child(ren) were forcefully removed.

I have learned and reported about

In Brussels I met the Lithuanian mother’s sister and mother who had experienced this violent snatch of a 6-year-old boy on 23 September 2013.

The horrific implication in this case is that the father is the abuser, and, as observed in many other cases, the Local Authority works in the interest of the abusive parent rather than the child’s. In this case, there is enough history to demonstrate who’s right.

Now there are ‘magnificent seven’ MPs who initiated the demand for a public inquiry into child sexual abuse. And this resulted in support by other MPs and your chance to ask your MP to join this attempt to highlight how #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain.

Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Division, has ruled that UK Courts must not decide the fate of foreign children. But who cares? Why comply with the Rule of Law?

Coincidentally, the parents are from the same city Kaunas, which was shaken by a major paedophile scandal in 2012. See also this list of posts regarding international child trafficking for paedophiles.