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As McKenzie Friends, we receive many kinds of cries for help. And the realisation that the victims are their own worst enemies is a very tough one to accept.

However, besides helping victims, there is also the opportunity to ‘fight the system’:

  • of Social Workers who are the ‘local contact’ or ‘case worker’ to do all the damage to both children and parents – to stick to their remit and fulfil their adoption targets;
  • of Police who are ‘only doing their job’ – also when they remove children only upon hearsay from Social Workers;
  • of lawyers who don’t operate in the interest of the children or their birth parents;
  • of court staff who conveniently lose papers or are simply incompetent;
  • of judges who are clearly biased towards a network of paedophiles that benefits from secret family courts and all the attempts to legitimise abhorrent crimes against humanity, families and children
  • of prison staff who are colluding as best as they can.

Since Audrone had been successful in the Supreme Court in Lithuania who said that the boy should stay with her family, she thought she could ‘fight the system’ here, too.

But she did not submit the documents we prepared for her: 

  1. a Chronology of Events and Witness Statement by Belinda McKenzie who accompanied the mother to a number of meetings with Social Workers and hearings in court;
  2. a Witness Statement by Sabine McNeill who met grandmother and aunt when she presented the System Patterns of child snatching in the UK to the EU Petitions Committee;
  3. a Witness Statement by Nicki Herron who watched the video of the removal of the boy as a former probation officer.

The contact notes said that the boy was crouched in a corner for 3 days after he was taken to foster parents… Nobody has taken his autism into account. And HHJ Million has decided he should go to his father, while mother and grandmother are expected to be sent to prison. That’s UK family justice: mother flees from nasty father to the UK, but the judge hands the boy to the father…

Ian Josephs who presented the problem on ITV’s Don’t Take my Child says the only way forward is exposure, exposure, exposure…